The AC-Enhancer

Installation Diagram ACE-2

Installation Diagram ACE-3

Note: The ACE-3 Unit will not work with Mercury Bulb or Power Robbing Thermostats

Special Installation Notes for ACE-3 and ACE 3.1 Special Notes

Installation Instructions

Alternate Dip Switch Settings

Wiring Diagrams for Added Relays

Trane TEH and TEC Wiring for ACE-2
Trane TEH and TEC Air Hander with ACE-3
Lennox CB29 Wiring 
Lennox CB26 Wiring
Lennox CB27 Wiring for ACE-2 No Relays Needed for ACE-3
Generic ICP Blower Coil Wiring
Heat Pump System Using B for Reversing Valve