The AC-Enhancer

Special Install Notes for ACE-3

For Non-Heat Pump Installations:

On some Systems the jumper from Y-In to O-In will energize Y-In slightly before O-In which will make the AC-Enhancer think that it is in the heat pump mode instead of the Cooling mode. If this is the case then the Y from the thermostat must be connected to the O-In of The AC-Enhancer and a 10K ohm resistor should be installed as the jumper from the O-In terminal to the Y-In terminal. This problem has been resolved on the ACE 3.1.

If you are using an Electric heat system that requires a G signal from the thermostat along with the W signal for heat to bring on the fan. In some cases the W-In is energized slightly before the G-In on The AC-Enhancer which will tell the device that it is a Gas Heat system which will cause it to not bring on the fan. If this happens then a 10K ohm resistor should be installed between the T-stat W terminal and The AC-Enhancer W-In terminal. This problem has been resolved on the ACE 3.1.

For Heat Pump Systems:

On the ACE 3 and ACE 3.1 there is a feedback through the Reversing Valve coil for the heatpump which causes the O-In terminal to be energized all the time. This makes the system think it is always in the cooling mode and does not allow the Auxilliary heat to be energized through the W terminal. It also does not allow for the proper fan timings for the heat mode. This can be resolved by installing an isolation relay for the O input. Wiring Diagram This problem has been resolved with the ACE-3.3.

We now have a special Isolation Attachment for using the ACE 3 and ACE 3.1 on heat pumps. It will take the place of the relay in the wiring diagram listed above. If you have an ACE 3 or ACE 3.1 that you are going to install on a Heat Pump system please contact us at the email address listed below and request the Isolation kit. Let us know how many kits you need. Also include in the email how many AC-Enhancer units you purchased, when you purchaded them, and who you purchased them from. Give your Company Name and shipping address so that we can send them to you. We will send them to verified customers at no charge.


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