The AC-Enhancer

The AC-Enhancer™ is the Solution to the problems of the Un-Enhanced System.

How It Works:

The AC-Enhancer™ allows the condensing unit to cool the inside evaporator coil below the dew point temperature before the blower is brought on. This allows the coil to start dehumidifying the surrounding air almost immediately. With the coil pre-cooled it eliminates the re-evaporation or "blow-off" of moisture, thus reducing the time it takes the system to start the dehumidification process and increasing the overall dehumidification capacity of the system. Since the compressor starts with a reduced load it is able to reach its peak efficiency faster and save energy on each cycle.

The AC-Enhancer™ then brings the blower on at a reduced speed to allow the compressor to increase its load at a controlled rate and keeps the coil from warming up above the dew point temperature.   This allows the system to get up to its peak capacity and efficiency in 2 minutes or less and will not cause sweating of the system, ducts, or grilles.

On Heat Pumps The AC-Enhancer™ holds the blower off when the system first starts in the heat mode to allow the coil to warm up to eliminate the cold draft of air when the system starts. At the end of the heating cycle the blower is held on low speed for 45 seconds to get the free residual heat out of the system.

For systems that run the fan on continuous The AC-Enhancer™ stops the fan when the compressor starts and then at the end of the cooling mode The AC-Enhancer™ holds the fan off for 10 minutes before it allows the fan to run again. This allows most of the moisture that is going to run off the coil to do so before the fan comes back on.

Flash Animation of Unit Operation With The AC-Enhancer™

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Sequence of Operation for Different Modes

Normal Cooling Operation with Fan on Automatic

Cooling Operation with Fan on Continuous

Heat Pump Heating with Fan on Automatic

Heat Pump Heating with Fan on Continuous