The AC-Enhancer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Don’t the Manufacturers Do this?
 The AC-Enhancer™ increases the overall delivered efficiency and dehumidification capacity of the air conditioning system.  The manufacturer’s SEER ratings of the equipment are based on a unit in a laboratory environment with continuous run time.  They do not measure start-up inefficiencies when rating the equipment.  Therefore, the manufacturers would not gain any SEER rating increase, but the homeowner can benefit greatly with this technology. 

Do I need new equipment for this technology to work?
One of the best things about The AC-Enhancer™ is that it will work on almost any central air conditioning system regardless of the age.  The system needs to be in good running condition and should be professionally tuned up prior to the installation. 

Can I install it myself?
The AC-Enhancer™ must be installed by an authorized technician that has been trained to install the system and set it up properly to get the most benefit out of your existing or new equipment. 

How is it that I have to pay for this unit whether I buy one or not?
The AC-Enhancer™ will increase the delivered efficiency of your air conditioning system which will save you money on your cooling bill. If you don’t have one installed on your system you will be paying your electric provider for it many times over. Plus with The AC-Enhancer™ you get the added benefit of better humidity control which makes you feel more comfortable in your home.

Will this work on a 2-Stage or 2-Speed System?
The AC-Enhancer™ is an Ideal upgrade for any 2-Stage or 2-Speed system. Because when the system starts on its first stage you are running a small compressor on a very large evaporator coil so it takes even longer than normal for the coil to get down to the dew point temperature and start dehumidifying. With The AC-Enhancer™ the system will dehumidify tremendously better than before and it will stop the “Blow Off” of moisture from the coil.

What if I have one installed and then change out my equipment?
The AC-Enhancer™ can be moved to your new equipment as long as it is installed by an authorized technician.  It will have to be reset for the new equipment, but can be utilized and will enhance the new system as well. 

How much will this save me on my electric bill?
The actual electricity savings experienced by installing The AC-Enhancer™will vary depending on a lot of factors. The AC-Enhancer™will increase the start-up efficiency every time the system starts. The more it starts the more it will save. Systems that are oversized have a tendency to start and stop or short cycle more and will experience more benifit from The AC-Enhancer™. Even a properly sized or under sized unit will cycle at night and during the spring and fall and will benifit from The AC-Enhancer™. The other beinfit of increased dehumidification capacity for the system will increase the comfort in your home.

If I have a Whole House Dehumidifier do I still need one of these?
The AC-Enhancer™ will increase the dehumidification capacity of your existing air conditioning equipment which will allow your Whole House Dehumidifier to run less and save you money. Since The AC-Enhancer™ will also make your air conditioner start more efficiently it will save you on your cooling bills. It may actually save you more electricity than if you did not have a Whole House Dehumidifier.